This timely book, featuring a foreword by Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian, is exquisitely crafted by leading industry experts to serve as an executive's privacy advisor, a manager's guide and a professional's reference.

The content has been precisely designed to provide readers with guidelines towards better privacy protection. It covers such key aspects of modern privacy as incident management, the role of modern technology, government breach response, existing privacy products and technologies, techniques for assessing privacy process effectiveness, building strong privacy practices, consumer applications and solutions, and key resources for privacy professionals - all in a compact package that should be a fixture of every decision maker's and advisor's bookshelf.

  • Ann Cavoukian

    Do what you can to advance the cause of customer and citizen persnal information protection, not only is it in your best interest to do so, it is in all of ours.

  • Claudiu Popa

    Everything is determined by your commitment to safeguard information. And so we move forward with trust as the new metric, quantitatively measured in public confidence and qualitatively represented by the quality of reputation.

  • Dan Michaluk

    Organizations can only achieve a proper level of protection by establishing a comprehensive and effective internal responsibility system for governing all personal information under their control.

  • Donald Johnston

    The difference between now and 1923 is a lot more than 90-odd years. It is a difference in philosophy, attitude, behaviour and law.

  • Paige Backman

    The first 72 hours of the breach are crucial to its containment. Many jurisdictions have mandatory breach notification requirements and an organization should be familiar with such requirements.

  • Patrick Kenny

    As improved data gathering and computing technologies have made it possible to precisely track consumer habits and construct very accurate individual profiles from countless data points, the private and public sectors have been eager to capitalize on the potential for market intelligence.

  • James Lee

    If the devil is in the details, this is especially true when working with all of the stakeholders involved in the acquisition, development and maintenance of information systems.

  • John Wunderlich

    When used properly, the PIA proactively identifies risks in a program or a project, presents mitigation recommendations and enables the program or project to identify and address related issues early on.

  • Claudiu Popa

    Organizations seeking simple, scalable, compliant project management methods for reengineering privacy into legacy applications, systems and processes need look no further.

  • Mario Morel

    In your business, what are the ingredients of success? Transparency or concealment? Trust or deception? Honesty or hypocrisy? Openness or suspicion? Collaboration or intrusion?

  • Therese Reilly

    The privacy statement must be tailored to reflect your specific business operations and meet applicable privacy and data protection laws of your respective jurisdictions.